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Discover How To Really Make Money Online Using
A Complete System That Shows You Exactly
What To Do One Step At A Time

“Did you know that making money online can be easy when you discover how to do it the right
way and the good news is that everything you need is laid out for you right here…

Dear Fellow Internet Marketer,

How many courses have you tried that just didn’t deliver the type of results they promised?

If you really believe that you’re going to find success and make tons of cash in just a couple of weeks with the latest secret tactic that’s just been released then this system might not be for you?

If you want a realistic way to earn an income online using the exact same methods that thousands of affiliate marketers use to make a living online every single day of the week then read on…

Just give me a chance and I’ll tell you a bit more about what was a life changing experience for me, and the sort of methods that could do the same for you?

When I first started looking at changing my life long career I wondered if it was really a sensible thing to do at my age, giving up a good regular income with job security and all the other benefits, but I desperately needed a change though, and after looking into a lot of different opportunities I decided to try and earn a living online.

Just like a lot of people I really liked the idea of working just a few hours a week and earning a full time living online.

Initially it was a struggle with all the different ways to make money online that get thrown at you and I faced an epic battle with complete information overload.

Eventually I found a system to work with and implemented some fairly simple methods in a way that just continued to improve my results.

I learned how to…

  • Find Red Hot Niches Stop wasting time in places that didn’t buy
  • Correctly Target Profit Pulling Keywords Pick the wrong keywords and you’ll fail!
  • Get High First Page Rankings Really Fast Often in less than a week!
  • Generate Swarms of Traffic Free targeted traffic with no need for PPC

If you really want a chance to change your life by supplementing your existing income or even changing your career like me, it will take some effort and determination but it’s definitely worth it!

Despite what you might think, you really don’t need thousands of visitors a day to your content online, but you do need the right type of traffic going to the right type of site.

When you know how to get a website ranked really fast and get decent traffic quickly it really does make a difference!

Most good websites should convert at between 1 – 10% although there can be a vast difference between each site, and whether you’re promoting digitally downloadable or physical products.

Just have a look at the traffic stats for this site that I launched in the middle of Feb 09.


You can see that it went from nothing to 700 visitors in less than the first month.

Before you ask it wasn’t with PPC – it’s all free natural traffic!

Now I know that might not sound too impressive compared to some blogs that get thousands a day, but remember we’re talking about a brand new laser targeted site that started with only about ten pages of content.

Converting at just 1% and selling products that get commissions of around $48 each that’s about $330 in the first real month, from something that can be put together in just a few hours.

You’ll notice that by July visitors had increased to nearly 2,400 a month!

I’ll let you do the math but that didn’t take much work to get there, just knowledge, persistence, and a little time.

You don’t need many sites like that!

I have absolutely no regrets and would never go back to working a regular job again. I love what I do now way too much and feel completely refreshed and enthusiastic again, things that I missed towards the end of my previous career.

Whether you’re completely new to this or just find yourself lost and struggling trying to make some money online, you’ll no doubt suffer the same problems and have to overcome the same challenges that myself and countless others have had to deal with.

Particularly if you’re trying to do this in your spare time and while holding down your regular job, it can be extremely difficult to learn what really works amongst all the hype.

Many people get extremely confused and continue to try different methods, they just keep failing and eventually give up!

  • Dazed and Confused?
  • Feeling Totally Lost?
  • This Doesn’t Work
  • It’s Just a Big Scam!

It Doesn’t Have To Be Like That!

That is why I decided to put together The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit. I want to really help as many people as possible to find their own success online without the sheer frustration of trying to learn it all by themselves or getting frustrated and just giving up.

This System Will Take You Step By Step Through Each Method.

I liked the sound of The Affiliate Manual but from my own experience realised that just giving you the information would probably not be enough, so there’s a whole lot more to come!

I’ll tell you more about that later…

There are many different ways to make money online but one of the easiest and cheapest to get started with is called affiliate marketing.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve…

  • Never Built a Website
  • Limited Time or Funds
  • Tried and Failed Before

You can get started with virtually no investment and certainly less than a cheap meal out, and you don’t have to handle products or deal with the customers.

All you have to do is send potential customers to online retailers or merchants and when they buy a product or service you get paid a commission!

Sounds Really Easy Doesn’t It? It Is!

So Why Do So Many New Affiliates Struggle or Fail?

Often it’s quite simple…

They just don’t implement the tried and trusted methods that really work IN THE RIGHT WAY!

All the talk of working just a few hours a week, maybe even from some nearby beach can lead you to think that’s all it takes.

There are those who are now in a position to be able to do that but what you usually don’t get told is about the work and effort they had to put in to get there first.

The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit is based on my personal experience over the last few years. I use tried and trusted methods that really work when applied properly and have incorporated the latest ways to increase the efficiency of these methods to really speed up results.

It took me a while to get this far but now you don’t have to wait!

The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit will allow you to cut through the confusion and get you on the path to achieving your online ambitions.


The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit


You’ll learn to…

  • Discover The Best Niches To Target
  • Find Keywords That Convert Like Crazy
  • Dominate With Articles and Free Websites
  • Build Better Websites Than Most New Affiliates Can
  • Get Your Sites Ranked Super Fast
  • Generate Masses of Traffic
  • Use So Called “Secrets Methods” To Give You The Edge
  • Take Your Real Online Business to The Next Level
  • And much, much more…

Then once you’ve got the basics right it’s time to move things up a gear!


The Main Affiliate Manual

book-paperback-smallI’ve laid out all the information you need to know in the Main Reference Manual. There’s 215 pages of information, tutorials, tactics and much more. You can stop searching – everything you really need to know to make a success of this is in here and just at your fingertips all in one place!

Choosing markets and niches, finding products to promote, keyword research, marketing methods right the way through to website building and search engine optimization.

Then there are various action plans that you can easily follow at your own pace to really get things moving and stay on track. There’s a lot more in there than just that and it’s all ready for you to learn from and refer to when you most need it.

But that’s not all…

As well as all the crucial information you’ll discover in the Main Training Manual which includes quick start guides you also get Membership Access with ongoing support, numerous Video Tutorials, Step by Step Action Plans, Blueprints, and a whole lot more…

This really is the complete package and not just a single over blown technique.

Just listen to what some of my satisfied customers had to say about this comprehensive package…

“I’d be willing to bet you will be happy with the results”

I cannot say enough about how well put together and complete this package is, if you want to learn how to make money online with affiliate marketing and are willing to commit to using Neil’s product to do it—you will succeed.

Don’t assume you know how to do things and skip sections take it page-by-page. Do not stop until you have gone through the whole course and you have a site up and it is making money.

And honestly, while nobody can guarantee that you will make sales, if you follow the steps provided I’d be willing to bet you will be happy with the results.

Great job on this.

Thanks again,


“What this offers is incredible!”

What this offers is incredible. He has covered a MASSIVE amount of information and has gone beyond that to provide you with some extras to help you get started the right way.

I wish I had came across something like this when I first decided to start learning about this whole IM scene. This is focused information that will put money in your pocket if you follow through.

Summary: Get this! It’s a steal for the price he’s charging! I already said, I wish someone would’ve offered me something like this when I was a raw newb.

Thanks, Fidel

“You can’t go wrong”

Just like he says ” Complete Affiliate Marketing Training Package”. And that’s what you get. Whatever you need to know about Affiliate Marketing is covered in his training package. You can’t go wrong. He gives you the Affiliate Manual, easy start action plan, 5 day action plans and videos.

Get it, read it, Take Action!!!!


“All I can say is WOW!!!”

All I can say is WOW!!! You have covered just about everything in your package. A 215 page manual, over 30 videos plus 3 different action plans are included. I have not finished as it is going to take a while but I definitely like what I see.


“If you are looking to begin finally making some money online…”

I honestly have not seen a more complete plan on Affiliate Marketing in a single product before, he covers it all in this “huge package”.

If you are looking to begin finally making some money online, grab a copy and read it through several times, then take the plunge !

Grab it while he is still insane to sell to you at this price!


“Been there personally with me every step of the way”

I must say that my personal experience with is that, unlike most “gurus” who sell you their training course and leave you to fend for yourself, he has been there personally with me every step of the way when I’ve gotten stuck, now matter how trivial! That’s real value!

The straight-forward Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit is a perfect representation of his approach to helping those new to Internet marketing. It helps them get over the common problems they face, ranging from information overload to just plain inaction! There’s no magic bullet in the real world and the course drives home some good, timely concepts that ensures success for anyone who puts the required work into it.

He knows his stuff, and one of my favorite benefits of the Kit are the 5-day Action Plans that come with the more difficult concepts! This course packs 10 pounds of Internet marketing training into a 5-pound bag!

Daniel Euergetes


Toolkit 1 – Internet Marketing Secrets Course (5 Days)

Okay not so much “secrets” but find out just how to get started quickly and in the right way by going through the Internet marketing basics course. Based over your first 5 days it’s packed with vital information and delivered in easy to follow steps using both written and video tutorials.

Just follow along and you’ll be up and running with your own website a lot faster than you might think.


Toolkit 2 – Step by Step Action Plans

As I mentioned earlier, it can be very easy to get lost and have no direction. We all find it easier if we have a plan. So I’ve included easy to follow, step by step, 5 day action plans for each of the main methods.

Although based over 5 days, you can easily adjust these to your own pace. Do more and supercharge your efforts, or go slower if you don’t have much time, it’s up to you.


Toolkit 3 – Website Building: Easy Start Action Plan

I know not everybody has a lot of time to spare and while the 5 day action plans are easy to adjust to your own needs I’ve also created an “Easy Start Action Plan.” This takes you step by step through everything you need to do to get your first website setup, start getting traffic and making sales as fast as possible.

You can do this in just a few hours a week so it’s really not hard to find time. You can complete this as soon as you like but it is meant to be an Easy Start!


Toolkit 4 – Creating Your Profit Pulling Master Plan

The guide to Creating Your Profit Pulling Master Plan will keep you on track and help to pull together everything you’ve learned to do so far. It includes numerous schedules, blueprints, and templates to help get your plan together.

You can start to really build on what you know, achieve better results and start to use more advanced methods and techniques. The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit will get you well on the way so you can start to really ramp up the methods, and your results.



I’ve disclosed far more than you need to know to really get going and see some great results, the rest is down to the commitment and effort you put in.

Additional Bonuses!

Toolkit Bonus #1 – 30 Additional Video Tutorials

dvd-smallSome people like to watch videos to learn, so I’ve included a really good video series that takes you through all you need to know to get going, or to get you back on track.

This video series compliments the more detailed information and tactics in the rest of the course really well.

There are over 30 videos covering topics such as:

  • Introduction To Affiliate Marketing
  • Different Marketing Methods
  • Choosing Domain Names and Hosting
  • Setting Up Domains and Hosting
  • Using cPanel
  • File Transfer Protocol (Ftp)
  • Basic Html
  • Using a Free html Editor To Start Building Websites
  • How To Add Links and Images
  • How To Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Setting Realistic Goals For Success

If that’s still not enough I’m also including ACCESS to my PRIVATE MEMBERSHIP.

Toolkit Bonus #2 – Private Membership Access!

card-mediumThis is where you’ll find more advanced training and support together with a growing community of internet marketers.

There’s support on hand if you need it as well as additional training and resources available.

Your membership access really compliments everything you get with the Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit.

You’ll be hard pushed to find this much value anywhere else!

So that really is the icing on the cake and you’ve got everything you need in here, you simply don’t need to go anywhere else or spend any more money.

That’s about everything you need to know, all of the training and resources, action plans and blueprints, taking you from just getting starting and then right on to a much faster roll out. There’s also your separate guide for planning your attack on the affiliate marketing world, and don’t forget all the additional support and training available that comes with your access to the membership.

So I suppose by now you’re getting round to thinking about how much all of this is going to cost?

As I said earlier I genuinely want to help you and others like you to find your online success, and I know what it’s like when you’re struggling to find your way, I’VE BEEN THERE!

There’s a lot of time, effort, and experience that’s gone into this?

I also wanted this to be accessible to people on a tight budget, so that’s the main reason you can get access for that price.

Remember this is not some throw away product or a sneaky tactic that won’t get you very far for long.

You should only be a part of this if you are the sort of person who is hungry for success and that is willing to absorb the information, follow the step by step plans, and take action.

In other words you need to want to genuinely achieve success online without wasting your time on sneaky methods that can fail.

I know you going to find it hard to believe just how much you get with this when you compare it to similar courses that cost hundreds of dollars.

There’s a vast amount of information, methods and tactics, the easy 5 day action plans, how to create your own profit pulling master plan. Then there’s access to the additional training, and most importantly a growing community of people just like you.

No Quibble Guarantee!!

If you don’t think this is for you that’s fine with me, you can walk away and I’ll just keep on doing what works for me – No hard feelings.

Or if you want to place a bit of trust in what I say, I’ll give you a “60 day no questions asked, money back guarantee” to safeguard your investment.

I’ll keep this straight to the point!

I genuinely want to help you succeed online and strongly believe in offering you a quality system that works.

If you are not completely satisfied with The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit for whatever reason I will refund your money up to 60 days from the date of purchase – No Questions Asked!

So What Else Do You Need To Know?

This is obviously not just some cheap and thin eBook nor is it some overpriced course for $497 that’ll take you months to complete.

I want anyone who joins us to be committed to achieving success. I’m not giving away The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit for nothing, it’s taken months to put together and there’s tons of value to it, there’s also ongoing support if you want it.

Seriously – You Don’t Want to Let This Go!

Let’s face it you’d probably have to pay more just to get a decent meal out than this costs – and don’t forget the guarantee is there if you decide not to stay with us in your quest for online success!

So what Are You waiting For?

Hit the order button below and you can get started right now!

Don’t forget that as well as the massive training and resource manual you also get all of the blueprints and action plans included, plus access to the private membership area and full support, in fact there’s everything you need to make a success of this!


Here’s a quick reminder of the massive value you’re getting!

  • The 215 Page Affiliate Manual $147
  • 5 Day Step by Step Action Plans $47
  • Website Building: Easy Start Action Plan $57
  • Creating Your Profit Pulling Master Plan $57
  • 30+ Quick Start Training Videos $67
  • Private Membership Access and Support

Total Value $375

So What Are You Waiting for? Get Started Right Now For Just $47!


Kind regards,

The Affiliate Manual & Marketing Toolkit

P.S. You should realize by now that you’ve nothing to loose, but a lot to gain! It’ll only take maybe a couple of sales to cover the full cost of this, and you’re fully protected by my “60 day no quibble money back guarantee”
So let’s just get on with this! I’ll see you on the inside . . .

P.P.S.Grab your chance to try this now before the price goes up, I know times are tough right now which is why I’ve decided to give you a chance to get in at such a low price, so just give it a go. All the risk is on me, and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed!

You will be billed $47 and on completion of the sign up process you will get immediate access to the content and membership areas.